Termite Control Services in Karachi

It is compulsory to know before Termite Proofing in Karachi where is the termite coming from, How to recognize it, and what is the food of Termite?

Termite ever comes from Ground and there are five feet below the underground colony and it creates soil tube that is why it is called soldier Termite.

Termite Food is a wooden structure and it’s completely damaged the woods.
It comes from three different types of earth.

1. Tts Termite Travels by visible soil tube.
2. They Termite Travels by Concealed wiring.
3. Termite Travels from the invisible Cracks on the wall.

Termite Proofing in karachi

Fumigator’s Termite Control Services recommended Fipronil 25EC because this is a reliable and trusted Chemical for Termite Proofing in these Day’s

Agenda 25 EC Contain a Young Generation active ingredient and this is called Fipronil 25 EC. Which is extremely active even at low doses.

It is the unique mode of action that combines structural protection and Colony Management. It controls termite not only where it applied but also back at the nest itself through the affected structure.

This is also effective in all soil and provides long-lasting protection of the structure at least five years after applied.

If you want to control termite at your premises you must ask how to control termite and what is the true process for termite proofing? The answer is this you should follow this process You can also give us feedback click here for Termite Treatment in Karachi

Termite Treatment in Karachi

  • Holes drilled in the ground inside and outside the walls at every (5) Five feet distance.
  • It poured into the holes in order to create a barrier inside the walls and ground surfaces.
  • Holes suitably plugged after treatment.
  • Trenches will be made (6 inches wide & 6 inches deep) in the non-cemented area (Kkatcha floor) near walls where drilling holes is not possible.
  • We Solution Sprayed on all fixed wooden structures such as wooden doors, window frames, etc.

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